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Big firm experience and savvy, without the big firm runaround

If you have been represented by large firms you have likely had your matters passed around to different, often inexperienced, associate attorneys with billing quotas. You were likely billed for an inexperienced lawyer’s learning curve, multiple meetings between partners and junior associates to rehash old issues, or you may have needed to explain your issues to new lawyers time and again and been billed for it. How often have you forgone legal advice due to unreasonable costs at the large firms?

Have you ever come away from a meeting with your counsel unsatisfied that you had your matter fully addressed because your lawyer had no business sense and was addressing legal issues in a vacuum?  How often have you told yourself “I wish my counsel had experience running a business and understood the interplay of my legal decision with business risk? If only my lawyer could intelligently discuss my financial condition/decisions with my accountants and consultants so that I could get more comprehensive representation.”

If you are looking for a better alternative, Reznick Law is a wise choice.

The lawyers at Reznick Law are ideally suited to represent you in safeguarding and optimizing your business interests. We recognize that you are looking for cost effective, comprehensive legal advice that takes into account practical “real world” ramifications. Our attorneys have experience running businesses like yours. We have accounting and finance backgrounds, enabling us to speak the same language as your accountants, consultants, insurance brokers and bankers.

At our initial consultation we will do a complete business diagnostic, including reviewing and commenting on your:

·       Entity corporate documents including incorporation documents, corporate structure, shareholder/partnership agreements, bylaws, minutes, consent and other corporate governance.

·       Agreements with third parties such as vendors, customers, contractors, developers, employees, and consultants.

·       Facility leases, licenses and other incidence of tenancy. 

·       Receivables and payables including proper risk management and sheltering of company assets.

·       Financing documents including project, building and acquisition loans, credit lines, factoring and other funding arrangements.